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Post to Xero

Sync your Shopify store to Xero seamlessly

Post orders individually as new invoices in Xero in real-time

Post orders in real-time from Shopify to Xero as invoices as they come through. This lets you keep both systems in sync but an added benefit is that you can use Xero to send invoices out to customers.

Easily reconciliation of payouts

Reconcile your payouts from Shopify Payments, Paypal and other payment gateways supported by Shopify.

Handle fees and taxes on orders and payouts from payments gateways seamlessly

Fees and taxes on orders are automatically calculated for Shopify Payments, along with Paypal and other payment gateways once it’s been configured.

Easy set-up from Shopify to Xero, all done within your Shopify admin page

Straight forward, easy to understand set up in your Shopify admin page. You won’t need an accountant to get you started.


Live inventory synching for multipacks, bundles and kits with multi-location support​

Inventory across multipacks, bundles and kits are synced as orders come in

Keep your inventory in sync and up-to-date for multipack and bundle orders as they come through from Shopify. Not once every hour, or once a day. Multipacks syncs your multipack and bundle inventory live.

Handles inventory across multiple fulfilment locations

If you have multiple fulfilment locations, the app syncs your inventory live across your locations. No need to worry about your bundle not marked as sold out when a component is sold out. We do the math for you.

Increase average order value by selling multipacks, bundles and kits

Want an easy way to increase average order value (AOV) of your store? By creating multipacks and bundles, the total basket value per transaction increases, and your customer gets a discount on the items by buying them as a set. Win-win!

Easy set up and works in the background

Set up is super simple. Create the multipack or bundle by selecting the main product, and linking that to the individual components. The app then takes care of the rest whenever an order comes through. It also has the ability to bulk import your multipacks and bundles.

Post Magic AI

Save time and effort with engaging AI-written articles (powered by ChatGPT)

Get ChatGPT to write blog articles

Create engaging articles in minutes using ChatGPT’s prowess in your Shopify admin. No more writers block or having to pay article writers that take too long to produce articles.

Select your desired topic, length and tone of the article

Articles are customizable to your desired topic, article length and tone – informational, funny, enthusiastic etc.

Generate articles in any language

English, Chinese, French, Spanish, German, Italian, the list goes on. Simply select your topic in the language you desire and let ChatGPT do its magic.

Multi Custom Authors

Showcase your blog authors with the ability to add your own custom writers, including a short bio and image in your shop's blog posts

Add custom authors to your store

Add unlimited additional authors to blog articles above your staff account limit, without needing to upgrade your Shopify plan.

Add an author bio and image in blog articles​

Authors are people, and what better way to showcase them than to include a short bio and an image of your authors into blog articles they’ve written.

Works on all themes​​

Works out of the box with exisiting themes that display author names. The app is lightweight, easy-to-use and doesn’t slow down your site.

Post To Medium

Increase readership of your store's blog by automatically posting your blog articles to Medium

One-click post to Medium

Export your Shopify Blog articles to Medium with one-click individually or in bulk. You can also set your Shopify article as the canonical URL for SEO, and add a link back to the original Shopify blog article in Medium.

Auto sync to Medium

Configure your Shopify blog to post to Medium automatically when an article is posted on Shopify. Set it once and the app will handle the rest.

Expand your blog article​​ to a wider audience

Reach a wider audience for your Shopify store on Medium and improve your store’s SEO.